Food Curiosity: What is Ganache

In my travels around Brant I often find myself daydreaming of a smooth creamy chocolate and that melt in your mouth richness that takes you to another time, another place.  Milk, dark or white, it’s such a decision.  How can we choose just one or better yet, why?  Chocolate is a universal fan favourite for its rich colours, depths of creaminess and memories of a square melting in your hand and not giving a care in the world.  Ah, Chocolate.

Recently while on a guided chocolate tasting of all things luxurious,  the next chocolate awaiting me was a perfectly round, topped with chocolate nibs Chocolate Ganache. The corner bite was taken, the melt in your mouth began. I found myself starting to wonder what’s in this Ganache that makes it so gorgeous, where did this name Ganache come from.

I had to ask this curious question ‘what is Ganache.’  I connect in with local Chocolatier,  Annette Savoie, Owner, Operator of LeChocolat to get all the rich details.  Annette invited me to enjoy a flight of chocolate to help my creative taste buds dive into the details of all things Ganache and learn about it’s history.

I asked Annette, What is Ganache.   “When I think of Ganache three words come to mind, decadent, luxurious and heavenly. Ganache is a silky, creamy paste used for filling truffles or pastries. It can also be used as a glaze. Quite simply, it is Chocolate (chopped), Heavy Whipping Cream (heated) and Butter (softened). Ganache is one of those things that will light your eyes up after tasting it and why truffles are so popular.”

I had to ask, “Where did this word Ganache originate?”

The story goes that one day a French Pastry Master in Paris asked his assistant to melt chocolate and heat cream. The assistant did both and without direction combined the two ingredients. The Pastry Master saw what had happened and was infuriated yelling at his assistant that the mixture was a total ‘ganache’ which was an insult back in the day. The insult is probably from the French word ‘Ganacher’ which means to slog, as if walking through mud or a mess. Somehow the term was a colloquial way of insulting someone. Yet it also makes sense since ganache is dark chocolate and thick, visually speaking, somewhat like yummy edible mud.

After the Pastry Master tried the dark chocolate mistake, he decided to use it; the cakes filled with the chocolate mixture were selling out. Every time they had to make more, the Master would say “hand me the ganache”.

And now we know the rest of the story.  Milk, Dark, White … or Ganache!

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